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Sharing home turf with seven Fortune 500 companies, several of which reside in the high tech sector, it’s easy to see why Phoenix SEO services are driven to succeed on behalf of every client. The nation’s fifth largest city has undergone a sea change in recent decades from a mostly agriculture-based economy – dependent on commodities like copper, cattle, cotton and citrus – to an epicenter of state government and high-tech industries.

Being home to Arizona State University has also helped the city maintain a consistently qualified pool of skilled workers who have kept the local economy chugging along even through the tough financial times of recent years. Even so, it can be difficult to find quality AZ SEO services. And while that can be a major problem for businesses of any size, a properly devised SEO blueprint is especially important for small companies that need to maintain competitiveness in local searches.
When a company develops an SEO strategy they typically hire a full-time in-house SEO expert or an outside SEO consultancy firm to devise and execute the plan. To help avoid the pitfalls of making poor decisions when finding an SEO expert in Phoenix, here are some of the key components to remember throughout the process.

SEO Myths

  • If the big corporations do it, everyone else should too.
  • Paying for links is always bad.
  • It worked before, it’ll work again.
  • Content is a SEO silver bullet.
  • Keyword density isn’t important.

How to Hire an SEO Expert 

When interviewing search engine optimization candidates, don’t fall for the oft-heard claim that nothing but results matter. I recommend you ask detailed questions about the expert’s tactics and request specific examples that demonstrate how those strategies will benefit your business. Any Arizona SEO who can’t answer these types of questions in understandable detail should be avoided.

Ask for a synopsis of results from past jobs. Any good SEO in Phoenix should be able to provide specific project data that shows exactly how their plans worked.
References from past employers are also important. There are far too many fly-by-night operations that are ready and willing to separate you from your search engine marketing budget. Asking friends, colleagues and trusted forum guests can also be a good way to find the right expert.
Check out the SEO on every prosHow to hire an SEO Expert

pective expert’s company website. If they can’t move their own website to the top of Google’s search ranks, how will they succeed with yours?

Avoid SEO Pitfalls

There are certain SEO practices that should be avoided. Insisting on regular, detailed reports on progress and tactics will help ensure bad Internet marketing practices aren’t implemented.

Don’t use automated submissions; they can result in being banned from search engines. I can tell you that is a mess you do not want to deal with – ever.
Ensure that all-important backlinks come from reputable and relevant sources. Content farms will have no positive bearing in the long-run, even if there is some initial success.
Insist on post search engine optimization maintenance. SEO is an ever evolving practice and good strategies today may be irrelevant tomorrow. Develop a plan that includes routine changes to ensure your site stays at the top of search engine results.
Benefits of Staying Small
Hiring a large Phoenix search engine optimization company may be tempting, but smaller firms should be given serious consideration.
I have found one of the main downsides to working with larger companies is that you will probably only deal with an account executive who knows very little about the actual process of search engine positioning. At best, this person can only act as a middleman when you really need to speak directly with the expert managing your account.
At smaller firms with fewer employees, you have a better chance of dealing regularly with the SEO expert who will be handling your contract. In general, I also feel conflicts-of-interest are more easily avoided in this scenario.

Your In-house SEO Alternative

Phoenix search engine optimization doesn’t have to be a negative experience. The very best way to address all of your company’s SEO needs in the timeliest and most efficient manner possible is to bring the process in-house. I offer viable options for ensuring your website rises quickly through the search engine ranks in a sustainable way. And that is the most important objective when devising an online marketing plan.
Some of the features I offer:

  • Affordable rates
  • Big picture SEO strategy development
  • Thorough website evaluation to determine what works and what needs improvement
  • No competing client conflicts
  • Direct and timely communication with a SEO expert
  • No additional charges for minor updates and communication

I provide a customizable range of SEO-oriented services including: SEO and social media strategy development; PPC management; website design/development; and E-mail/Internet marketing. My personalized service bundle offers select clients the best path forward in hiring Phoenix SEO services to fill your company’s needs.


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